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Bigger Bacon

Bacon is getting bigger and I’m getting attached, but food is one thing and a pet is another.  Next year we’ll get two. I think this will make the pigs less endearing and more utilitarian.

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Ladies and Gentleman, Say Hello to Bacon!!

I think I’m most proud that my seven year old named her. After three attempts we were finally able to find a feeder pig locally. Seems every time I’d find an add they were sold out by the time I … Continue reading

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Building Bee Boxes

Winter is typically the time when beekeepers get their wooden ware together for the coming spring. Whether it’s painting your existing supply or buying/building new boxes, now is the time to do so. I currently have six  beehives that I … Continue reading

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2010 Summer Honey Harvest..Our First!

Building Them Up Just to Tear Them Down! I thought the emotion of my first honey harvest would be elation or a sense of accomplishment, but I can report my primary emotion was trepidation. After spending 15 months having the … Continue reading

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Active Weather Weekend!

It’s been an active weather weekend. During these times, we tend to stay in and catch up on the housework. It always seems to get neglected during the excitement of spring. The dog enjoys the break. It allows him to … Continue reading

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The Bee’s Knees!!

I started with four nuc’s about one year ago. These were my first hives and despite taking two short courses with the local cooperative extension, I lost two.  I decided to keep four hives on hand until I’m certain I … Continue reading

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Spring Is Coming!!

Here’s a short video of the chicks we incubated. They hatched on February 23, two days early! I need a better thermometer. The chickens are a cross of White Rock, Buff Orpington, Dark Cornish and possibly a little Black Giant- … Continue reading

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