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Barn Project Part 10

Now that the decking is complete, I’m going to concentrate on framing the walls. I chose to purchase 2×6 studs for this phase. My reasoning for this was three fold. 1) I only have five large pine logs from my … Continue reading

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Barn Project Part 9 -Decking Complete!!

Finally!! The upper deck is complete! I have included a few pictures of of the process from tree to lumber. These are the tops of the trees I used over the past few weeks. Generally, the material at the upper … Continue reading

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The Chicks After Two Weeks.

Its amazing how quickly chicks grow. Then again, If you think how your morning egg can in 28 days transform into a fully formed chick, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. Aren’t they cute! If you look real close, … Continue reading

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Spring Is Coming!!

Here’s a short video of the chicks we incubated. They hatched on February 23, two days early! I need a better thermometer. The chickens are a cross of White Rock, Buff Orpington, Dark Cornish and possibly a little Black Giant- … Continue reading

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Barn Project Part 8

Well, It’s been awhile, but we have been working. Ever notice when you add that last iron to the fire, the one you know is pushing it, but your sure you can handle; life decides to make its own contribution … Continue reading

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