The Barn Project Part 5

Well, we’re moving right along after a bit of a lag.

Like all things, sometimes you need to step back and assess the project’s direction.

This project was executed a bit backwards. Our original goal was to get a chicken coop as quickly as possible. That’s why, as some may have wondered, we have started flooring sections before we finished framing. Within the next three posts we should be pulling away from this unorthodox plan of procedure.

Rafters stripped with sleepers.

Rafters Stripped with Sleepers.

The above picture shows the sleepers that will eventually receive the metal roof. In the mean time, We’re going to tarp this section to keep the rain out. We really need a place to store the materials as they come out of the kiln. It will also be nice to work out of the sun.

Below is a picture of the west side with the tarp rolled up and ready to apply.



Rolling the Tarp

Here I am rolling out the tarp. My wife and daughter are taking the picture. The wife had one hand on the camera, the other on the cell phone and 911 on speed dial.


View From the Tarp Covered Interior.

Completed Tarp

Completed Tarp

Not really being known for my patience, I just about stressed myself into a stroke installing this tarp. If you look really close you will see a splice to the right. I strove for a single piece installation, but it was not in the cards. It was best for my health to add this section and walk away!!  All I see is the added section. I can not wait to install the permanent roof.

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