Barn Project Part 8

Well, It’s been awhile, but we have been working. Ever notice when you add that last iron to the fire, the one you know is pushing it, but your sure you can handle; life decides to make its own contribution to YOUR fire? That’s where we’ve been.

The first picture shows the interior center section. We have added the floor joists for the center section second floor. If you look at the top of the photograph, you can see I have started decking this section.

Center Section

The next photograph is a shot from the deck. This will eventually be the second floor.

First Third of the Second Floor Decking

I should complete the deck in the next two weekends or so. My weekend plan of procedure has been to cut down a tree, divide it into 12′ bucks and then saw into 4/4 boards on Saturday. Sunday morning I heft them 14′ into the air and start nailing them down.

World's Best Helper

I know, I know, many will say that the wood is green and should be air or kiln dry. I always wanted this project to be more like a 1900’s structure as opposed to a modern pole barn or Home Depot building. I also think that in the past, the gaps that open as the wood dried provided air circulation for stored hay. While my methods may be a hybrid, I think when its all said and done my barn will look like its been here a while. This is my aesthetic goal.

Cool Pic!!!

This picture was taken from the second floor looking into the storage section below. The door on the left goes into the temporary chicken coop discussed previously. Once my decking is complete and the upper walls are framed this view will no longer exist, but for the moment I thought it looked cool.

Until Next Time.

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