Barn Project Part 9 -Decking Complete!!

Finally!! The upper deck is complete!

I have included a few pictures of of the process from tree to lumber.

Transport to the Mill

These are the tops of the trees I used over the past few weeks. Generally, the material at the upper portion of the trunk is not as nice as you move higher up the tree and get into the branches. Every knot in a piece of lumber is the remains of a branch. The lumber from these logs will have a greater number of knots than the previous boards, but the knots are sound and will work fine for the flooring.

Creating the Cant

Ready to be Cut into Boards

Decking -West

Decking -West

Well, just in case your curious, it took 468 board foot of lumber to deck the second floor. A board foot is actually a measure of volume. The formula is length x width x thickness divided by 12 if your units are in feet or 144 if you use inches. The good news is at $1.50 per board foot aprox. cost to purchase, I saved $702.00. The bad news is if I factor in my labor it cost me $2000.00. Go figure!

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