Barn Project Part 10

Now that the decking is complete, I’m going to concentrate on framing the walls. I chose to purchase 2×6 studs for this phase. My reasoning for this was three fold. 1) I only have five large pine logs from my initial haul and I want to use these as lap siding. 2) I have cleaned all of the pine trees in our wood lot (There weren’t many to begin with!).  3)  I wasn’t really interested in using the oaks leaning from the storm for framing. So I bought the material.

Starting South Wall

While 2×4 framing would have been adequate,  I chose 2×6’s to framing the remaining of the 6″ diameter poles. This will allow me to through bolt the framing to the poles.

North and South Walls

The finished walls will be 6′ tall. Given the pitch of he roof the ridge board will be aprox. 8’5″. A nice amount of head room while keeping the overall elevation to a reasonable height.

Walls Complete with Door Header

I made sure my doors finished at least 6′ in height. I wanted to make sure I had lots of room in both width and height. This made it necessary to use a different roof pitch from the lower section. I also had to make sure that the door with was small enough to swing outwards and clear the roof line.

A Shot From the Ground.

Its actually starting to come together. Next, We’ll frame the roof! Its time to start pricing metal R-Panel.

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