The Bee’s Knees!!

I started with four nuc’s about one year ago. These were my first hives and despite taking two short courses with the local cooperative extension, I lost two.  I decided to keep four hives on hand until I’m certain I can accurately diagnose and correct any issues that may arise. I originally wanted two strong hives, but thought I should hedge my bets.

I ordered and received my two packages of bees a few days ago! Two 3lb Packages picked up from USPS early Monday morning. Just for giggles, I order one package of Russian and one Package of Italian bees. We’ll see how they build in population and who preforms better.

Below are a few pictures of me installing the packages.

The Packages Stapled Together

Bees Hanging on the Feeding can

Top panel removed showing feeding can. Notice the queen cage to the left of the package.

Bees clustering after shaking out the package and inserting all of the frames.

I inserted both packages without gloves or a veil.  Here is the math:

Three pounds of bees equals approximately 15,000 bees. 15,000 x 2 = 30,000 bees. 2 stings / 30,000 bees = .000066.

What does this mean? It means there’s nothing to be afraid of. Get a hive or two and watch how amazing these insects are.

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