The Barn Project Part 11

The upper section framing continues.

Once the walls were complete, I turned my attention to making the 40′ ridge board. This ridge is comprised of  two 2″x8″x24′ s.y.p. and two 2″x8″x16′ s.y.p. laminated together with resorcinol glue. This creates a 3″x8″x40′ ridge board. All of the joints were staggered and the lamination was quite simple. Hoisting it into position was another matter!!

Ridge Moving into Position

The wife keeps the beam from twisting while I position the other end. We used the rope and pulley system mounted to the header in the above picture for lifting into position.

Using the Ladder for a Rest Position

If you look atop the header, you can see I nailed some scrap to the frame to locate the ridge beam. I copied this setup on the opposite end. My plan was to slide the ridge to one side in order to clear the jig, slide it back to rest on top of the jig, then creep left or right until the proper over hang is achieved.

Sliding the Beam into Position.

It wasn’t easy, but we were able to get the ridge in to its final position. I cut eight rafters and installed them at 1/4 intervals to lock the beam in position. Next week end, I’ll fill in the missing rafters  and start contemplating the roof install.

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