The Barn Project Part 12

Rafter Installation

Last post, I built the ridge beam and lock it into position with eight rafters. This time I’ll fill in the rafters and strip the roof for the metal roof.

Starting Point

Center support

Above, you can see I installed a center support to keep the ridge from sagging. I believe that once all the rafters are installed, the load will transfer to the walls. If I am correct the roof should be self supporting and this post will no longer be necessary.

Filling In....

The Last One!

Once the angles are figured, its all pretty cookie cutter and proceeds quickly.

Houston, We have a Recognizable Form!

Alas, It looks like a barn! O.K., maybe a church. This is due to the pitch of the roof and the differences of angle from the lower section to the upper portion. I knew this during the design phase, but wanted some visual interest and overall I’m fairly happy.

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