The Barn Project Part 13

The Roof and Fascia

Since the last post I have been busy pre-painting the fascia boards. I figure it will be easier to get two good coats on the wood before installation. This way I’m able to use the airless sprayer and not have to worry about over spray getting on the metal roof……

Speaking of roof, I have purchased the metal PBR panel that I am going to use for roofing. I decided to go with a bronze color. I think it will compliment the trim.

First Panel

Above is the setting of the first panel. I used the 3,4,5 method to try and make sure I started square. In hind sight, this was a mistake. I know that when we set the center 20′ poles, I had a hard time locating the corners for the side structures -not due to a lack of trying. I should have followed the center posts and adjusted my sheet layout, even though they would not have been square. Unfortunately, I ended up with some “saw toothing”  or a staggering of the sheets resulting from trying to maintain a consistent overhang. I will “fix” this later.

Half Way Mark


Having never installed a metal roof, or built such a large structure for that matter, it was pretty smooth. I definitely will have an easier time with the installation of the next section. I installed this section by myself without any help.  Next time, I’ll get an extra set of hands to help with the lifting and positioning. Lastly, I now know what to expect and this should help cut down on the down time I spent TRYING to think the situation through.

All in all I am fairly happy with the outcome. I succeeded in getting 1/3 of the roof installed without ruining any of the sheets. By far this was the largest outlay of actual cash for this project. While it took a while for me to separate myself from the funds required to purchase the roofing, I’m excited to not have to patch leaks in the tarp discovered during rainstorms.

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