The Barn Project Part 3

Here’s where I hope that all of the verbiage starts to take shape.

We’ve been sawing pine as required to frame wall sections. I had intended to saw all materials from wood here on the property, but its mostly oak and of the trees had sawn earlier, 16′ material clear material, enough to satisfy my expectations, wasn’t very practical. I also only built the kiln for 12′ material and I now think one week in the solar kiln really helps stabilize the lumber.Soooooo….I broke down and bought the roof rafters.

Its memorial day weekend. I am excited to start the roof framing. My daughters school is closed Monday, so I had to take a personal day to sharpen my parental skills. I am hoping to get a couple of hours of framing while we are home.DSC00123

This pictures shows the north side wall framing. In the previous post I wrote about the ship-lapped flooring; I had to tarp this section in order to keep the rain from wetting the floor and causing moisture issues. I plan to recycling glass panes from an old front door and create the windows you see framed in the above photograph. We’re going to build the frames and sills from a 100 year old Catalpa tree blown over on my grandfathers property. I plan to post the photos of us processing these logs in the future.


Photograph from the tractor alley looking north……..and my daughter trying her umbrella.


Here you can see the rafters being placed on the ledger and the north wall.


Here’s another view, I thought it looked kind of neat; Notice Ruben in the decked portion.


The last picture is taken from the southeast corner of the building. You can see that all of the rafters are in place.

Overall, my goals for this long weekend were cut short by the weather. It rained sporadically most of the time. As soon as I’d get a break in the weather and pull out the tools, the rain would start again.
Next post we’ll start stripping the rafters to receive metal roofing and temporarily tarp the structure.

Until next time,Tread Lightly

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