The Barn Project Part 14


Its been a very productive extended weekend. We added the fascia boards on the upper level and was actually able to install the roof panels. I’m going to spend the next couple of weekends tying up a few of the loose ends I never completed.

Last Panel

Very Steep

The upper roof is of a greater pitch then the lower. Installing the last panel was a bit tough. Since I am not a fan of heights, my inclination was to sit on my bottom and screw the sheet down from this lower position. As though being 20 feet from the ground as oppose to 26 feet really makes that much of a difference! The steep grade and smooth surface of my jeans made the roof more like a playground  slide. I ended up doing the screw driving while standing. My Muck Boot Company shoes provided good grip on the metal surface.

50% of the Roofing

I’m not entirely happy with the roof install, but this is my first large structure so my expectations aren’t that high. I look at it this way. It looks decent and it doesn’t leak…SUCCESS!!!

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