2010 Summer Honey Harvest..Our First!

Building Them Up Just to Tear Them Down!

I thought the emotion of my first honey harvest would be elation or a sense of accomplishment, but I can report my primary emotion was trepidation. After spending 15 months having the bees draw out the 100 or so frames of foundation I bought, cutting and scraping the caps seemed counter-intuitive to every task and action I had taken previously.

We harvested 17 full frames from our hives which yielded about 7 gallons of an amber and mild-tasting honey. I left some supers on so I can experience the difference between a summer and fall crop. If all goes well through the winter, we plan to double our hives next year.

When I started beekeeping, I was told that it was addictive and that I would find myself expanding my honey yard sooner than I think. I can honestly say that statement is 100% true. I spent ten hours last week machining pine to make an additional 1200 frame parts in order to split next year (a post with pictures to follow).

Bees are truly amazing creatures. The more I learn about their physiology and social behaviors, the more fascinated I am.

*all photographic credit goes to my six year old daughter.



The Last Frames

7 Gallon Bucket Ready for Settling

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