The Wood Equivalent of Gold

For about five years I have owned a Big Green Egg. If your not familiar with these Kamado-type cookers, do yourself a favor and search the term. While they are quite expensive, I am sure if I added up the cost of the barrel-type smokers and $400.00 range grilles, I could have bought one ten years ago and been further ahead.

Given the initial shock of spending a grand on a grill. I opted to forgo buying the table that’s offered as an accessory. Asides from looking like a picnic table, I suffer from this illness that makes me think I have a better way or can do it cheaper; sometimes it works, some times it doesn’t. This time My Idea was better, but it certainly wasn’t cheaper.

If ebony and pink ivory are the platinum of the wood world, than teak has to be gold. Teak has qualities that exceeds those of the former , namely it’s size. Both ebony and pink ivory have positive exterior qualities, but their size and expense relegates them for use as accent material.

While there are serious social implications to its use, the true teak of legend is Burmese teak. After it’s importation ban into the United States, the market introduced various substitutes that approximate it’s look and properties, but they arguably pale in comparison to the real thing. I learned my lesson with buying cheap grills, so I decided to use the best material available for my grill table.

After a few hours of layout in AutoCAD I settled on my design. I ordered 50 board feet of 4/4 and 25 board feet of 8/4.  My take off said I needed 75 board feet with no waste, but at over $18.00 a board foot for 4/4, I decided I could squeeze everything from the 75 BF and not add the typical 15%.

My Helper Planing Stock for the Legs

Shaping Lock Miters

Lock Miters For the Legs

V-groove for the Sides Top Doors and Back.

Dry-Fitting the Carcase and Lower Shelf

Completed Dry-Fit Before Final Assembly

The Final Product

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