The Barn Project

As if we don’t have enough irons in the fire. I will be adding pictures of our current project, the barn.

I originally had the idea to build this as an exercise in using my Woodmizer LT-15 sawmill. We are slowly clearing land and I wanted to do something other than burn the trees I’m cutting.

The construction is sort of a design it as you go project. Most old barns were framed with green lumber and that’s the technique I will be using here. We plan to saw all of the beveled siding from pine logs I received from a guy I know who trims trees. Not being a carpenter or a timber framer, I’m sort of using a bastardized method of framing. All and all it seems to be coming together fairly well.

The first couple of posts will be longer and with more pictures as I try to catch the blog up to our current construction point.


Getting help with the site survey


Scraping and Light Grading.

We wanted level,but the slope was to great. We’re not ready to dig a pond and I didn’t want to purchase dirt. More on how I overcame this late.


Pulling a stump from a tree downed by Katrina.


Cutting roots from the Post Holes

My target hole depth was 5’deep. Now, I consider myself active and healthy, but digging holes by hand is REALLY hard. Over coming tough situations always leads to some self-discovery. Here’s what I discovered….My physical limit for digging 18″ diameter 5′ deep holes is exactly 7. Unfortunately, I needed 8!! The eighth hole was ALL mental!!

DSC00001Finally, the eight posts that will form the center alley of our barn and house the tractors.


Even the dog was tired!!

Until next time, Tread lightly

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